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Noman Robin is a committed filmmaker in Bangladesh. Selecting challenging topics, filmmaking language, and commitment towards society and nations make him unique among his contemporary filmmakers. As an example Transgender lifestyle, the Rohingya Refugee crisis, Portuguese in Bengal, Autism etc on both TV & silver screen. To him, he is an aggregation of several 'creative' reflections of him. He is able to work under pressure and is apt to handle any challenging situation. His team consists of hard-working and creative team members from diverse backgrounds who are committed to making it impossible to possible with limited resources. The journey started in 2005 as a professional 3D animator, an after-effect compositor, and a video editor. After gathering experience of making several advertisements and TV station IDs, his interest evolved into something bigger. In his determination to do something impactful, he joined the team of the historical tv series "Titumir er Basher Kella" (on-aired NTV, 2007) - this show was one of the most expensive and star-studded projects of its time. He joined this initiative as a producer. Noman Robin and the team commenced this experience with a set of young, vibrant, and creative individuals, and this project to date is considered to be an ideal example in the history of TV media. After the successful completion of the 'Titumir' series, they made a TV series about the great hero of the Indian subcontinentMaster Surja Sen (on-aired ATN, 2009), who was from Chittagong and played a pivotal role in the Indian Freedom Movement against the British rule. In the making of both these series, He worked very closely and at an intricate level, from here he developed strong skills in managing creative teams for large productions. There was no looking 3 back after this- what followed was a series of successful and well-recognized TV production which validated the quality of his work. He made his debut production as a scriptwriter; director and producer in 2008 with a 40 minutes short film for television called ‘City Bus’. That became very popular among Bangladeshi audiences. Over 12 years of relentless effort, he has managed to establish himself as a storyteller, a director of cinema and television, a VFX supervisor, and most importantly a team leader in effectively rolling out difficult projects. Noman has created in this era a platform for mobilizing and showcasing young creative minds in his work area- this is because he believes in the saying of Professor Peter Ferdinand Drucker "If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old. Working with young people has opened doors to understanding young creativity, new ideas and most importantly managing change using the youth of his generation.

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Expert in choosing the right topic, delivering the right content according to client demand. Familiar with experimental & research-based storytelling. Such as web series, Feature films, geopolitical documentary films & various communication content etc.